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A multidisciplinary After-School experience that takes a wholesome approach to youth education

By joining the core strengths of a variety of after-school programs we provide students with a holistic exposure to the most important aspects of their formative years. With STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and overall wellness education, we engage their creativity and curiosity for learning.


Our program aims to create a healthier community while connecting students through exploratory projects and interactions, including an end-of-program presentation. View our collection of quality, well-vetted partners below!

We offer complimentary afterschool pickup and end of day drop off for the below services at our LIC Studio! Locations include all local schools + bus stops with an optional end of day drop off/parent pickup on Center Blvd for parents closer to the waterfront. 


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Musical Ears.png

Musical Ears aims to introduce kids to the joy of music! Through sonic discovery, they will learn fundamental musical concepts such as harmony, rhythm, ear training, and melody while being introduced to music culture and history. Our students will learn to appreciate music at an early age and enjoy its many benefits (artistic, educational, personal, and social) without the frustration of private music lessons. We learn in an interactive play-based group setting. 


Our mission is to cultivate musicianship, arts, and culture in our community starting with our kids.


This is not a series where students master a specific instrument. The program is a progressive series where the kids learn the introductory concepts, listen to music from around the world, and also have special guest talks from some of New York City's leading artists who are also passionate educators.


Directed by GRAMMY Award Winner & Latin GRAMMY Nominated artist and composer, Mr. Gabriel Chakarji and Afterschool Collective Founder Jessica Stasi.

Visit Musical Ears website at: THEMUSICALEARS.ORG

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Engineering Series: Alternative Energy

Ever wonder how energy is developed from the sun, wind, and water? Come build a solar-powered car, a windmill and a watermill using LEGO® bricks. Save the planet and build with LEGO® bricks all at the same time!

Students will learn about a variety of alternative energy technologies including solar, wind, and wind power. Students will compare the efficiency of these technologies to manual power and observe the power these sources provide. Specialized energy display LEGO® bricks allow students to quantifiably compare energy sources.

CLICK HERE to see the Snapology Experience Trailer. 

Mega Machines.jpg

In Snapology's Robot Olympics program, students will build and program robots to compete in sports-
themed challenges! Your child will expand their engineering skills by designing and experimenting with

robotic attachments and refine their computer programming abilities by creating program codes that
make their bots run races, play hockey, and so much more. Students will work in groups and use the
LEGO® SPIKETM Prime technology to complete these exciting challenges. By giving our students
challenges through games and friendly competition, they don't realize how quickly they are learning
core programming skills for a future in STEM.

CLICK HERE to see the Snapology Experience Trailer. 

School Children


As your child learns about different types of art and the periods in which they were created, students will also be interpreting what they see and creating their own artworks with various mediums. This series is comprised of in studio sessions and walking field trips locally to find artistic inspiration. 

The Afterschool Collective is excited to introduce our project based "Art Standards" for our new creative expression program which provides a detailed look at the goals and expectations set for our program and students.  These standards include but aren't limited to:

Introduction to Art

Mixed Media Art

Introduction to Painting

Pattern, Rhythm, Movement, Balance, Unity

Still Life Art



Movement Series Powered by Zing! Kids

Students are encouraged  to move their bodies, nurture a positive mindset, and smile with pride. Kids gain confidence, learn safe, fun & effective ways to practice a healthy lifestyle, cultivate self awareness, enhance communication & social skills, boost their creativity, regulate behavior & manage emotions, build mental agility, and so much more!

We'll start at the studio and take walking field trips to various parks within Long Island City!

Planting Seeds


Chemistry Homework


On-site or At-home Tutoring is now available at The AFTERSCHOOL COLLECTIVE! 

We can tutor Kindergarten through10th Grade in Reading, Math, ELA, and Homework Help.

Offered Monday though Thursday - 5pm to 7pm and on Saturdays - Most of the day.

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